Welcome back PLAYERS! In this episode we are talking with J. from Feral Games Inc. about his next Kickstarter: Ghost Ops Second Strike. We then hear Gaz get all flustered with the news. Big Jim talks about Collateral Damage during games and Marty talks about what is the best way to get new gamers? Bill finishes out the show with Convention updates. 


In the News: 

  1. https://www.facebook.com/victrixlimited
    Vitrix are adding to their 28mm Napoleonic range with some cavalry options. This will allow you to build either British Dragoons or Scots Greys with the kit containing the different heads to do one or the other. Following soon we will see a trumpeter and an officer before they move onto the Household Cavalry.
  2. https://wargamesatlantic.com/blogs/news/new-set-announcement-boxer-rebellion?_pos=3&_sid=ec30d95b7&_ss=r
    Wargames Atlantic is bringing the Boxer Rebellion to us as we see their new miniature line move into the tooling stage in preparation for production.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/mailempressminiaturescom
    Empress Miniatures are continuing to expand their Vietnam miniature range and are this time bringing some elephants to the table.
  4. https://www.spectreminiatures.com/collections/hmv?mc_cid=4c7ff28e74&mc_eid=9b7426eda3
    Spectre Miniatures have plenty of stuff back in stock from HMV variants, weapon enhancement for vehicles and drone options.
  5. http://kck.st/3qO1Epu Footsore Miniatures Savage Frontier Kickstarter FIW (meet funding in 90 minutes. 


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