We found the lost episode!!! We promise you will love this one!!! We have lost our minds! 


Big Jim Oriskany is on leave, so the rest of the team get a little slap happy. We talk about hobby and news and then breakdown games we would like to see cross over from board games to the miniatures table. Also, where does Warlord Games go next with Epic Battles and finally what is the best option for building your terrain? 


Bobmack3d - 3D Printable US Vehicles of the Vietnam War, for Wargames, in 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/72) and 28mm (1/56) scales.


A little under a week to go on our previous podcasts guests KS, if you’re looking for some US Vietnam vehicles as STL files then I think you will struggle to find a more detailed set available. Both Brad Sanders and Bob McKenzies Kickstarter has some truly loving looking vehicles available with a real authentic look and options to get them with stowage too.



Test of Honour 2nd Edition - Ashigaru with Ozutsu


This new unit sees the Test of Honour rang add more to their black powder arsenal in the form of Ashigaru with Ozutsu. This deadly weapon is practically a hand held cannon, although it gives up some of its range to other weapons like the musket the extra damage it can dish out more than makes up for it. If these in standard format are not enough you can even upgrade them with a couple of traits, namely ‘smoke clouds’ and ‘too much gunpowder’. These traits add a little bit more flavour to the unit and the battle giving you a little more cover and a little more punch but beware that extra gunpowder charge could end blowing up in your face.




Flames of War - German Bagration Book


Bagration: German is the third of the German books for the Late War series, with D-Day German and D-Day: Waffen SS already having been released and showing the quality of these great force selection series. It is the second release for the Bagration series following swiftly on the heels of the Soviet book and gives details on formations and available fighting forces for this theatre. 

Bagration: German covers Germany’s fighting forces for the Eastern Front including options to fight from Finland in the north to Romania and Hungary in the south from January 1944 to January 1945.

These books are always great quality and a solid product containing a nice mix of history and game related detail to field great looking 15mm forces in the WW2 setting.




Footsore Miniatures & Games with Warhost - The Barons War Kickstarter


This continuing KS built series sees the third Barons War fundraiser open as we record this podcast today. This medieval miniatures range in 28mm has captured the attention of a lot of historical gamers and continues to be well funded with each new series release. This latest one named ‘Death and Taxes’ will see new rules and miniatures for use in the Magna Carta Conflict of 1215-1217. This latest KS will not only feature new rules and miniatures but is also supported with some terrain options from Lion Tower Miniatures. This is great to see as their releases become more comprehensive to give you a heavily fleshed out skirmish game now with opposing forces, themed rules and campaign and supporting scenery.




Sitrep Podcast - New logo and soon to be available Merch


Lastly we would like to give a little it of a shout out to ourselves. We decided that it was time to freshen up the logo into a format a little more friendly for 

use and have a brand new original from Jim Oriskany Designs. Jim along with a couple of the team members kicked around some ideas and settled on an old favourite and friend to all allied ground troops. We wanted something that would strike fear into the hearts of our enemies, something that would announce its presence with the whirr of its gun and gentle tinkling of falling brass. The A10 Thunderbolt is now the new official logo of the Sitrep Podcast.



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