Hello Players! We have a big show for you today! We have two guests inhouse to talk about their Kickstarter. We bring you the latest news and in turn talk about an obscure battle during WWII that we were not familiar with. The conversation takes a turn to how to bring in youg players and adjust complexity of games. Gaz talks about burnout (Say it ain't so!) We finally talk about possible game in a real world setting that is very recent. 


  • https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/pre-orders/products/d-day-the-us-sector-campaign-book?variant=33217534787664 Warlord Games - Bolt Action - This 150+ page book focuses on the conflicts of the US Sector in 1944, from the road to Carentan to the assault on Fort Montbarey. This book allows you to recreate the actions of not only the US forces, but other Allied Forces in the Sector, ranging from SAS, Partisans…In addition there is a themed miniature of War Photographer Robert Capa as part of this pre-order.
  • https://store.warlordgames.com/collections/epic-battles-american-civil-war Warlord Games - Epic Battles: American Civil War - sees a whole host of items go up for pre-order. Amongst those available there are Union and Confederate Brigades, Cavalry Brigade, Iron Brigade, Zouaves Regiments, Union and Confederate force bundles, trees, scenery packs, paint sets as well as a starter set.
  • https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wowbuildings/wowbuildings-relives-kellys-heroes?ref=ksr_email_user_new_project_from_creator_youve_backed WOWBuildings - Play out the film and the assault of the bank, all you need to create the town centre from the film, created from the actual buildings located in the town of Vizinada where the film was shot. This is a specially priced themed KS, two packages are available, there will be no bonus or stretch goals as its part of a continued themed KS outlook, this will enable you to get all of the files from the set and to get them as soon as the payment process is finished come the end of the KS, so no wait time, get stuck in and create your gaming table. You get the entire town center set up as shown below, but if you want to go that little bit further you can add a further 10 buildings, 5 ruins, and 5 complete, these are based upon buildings and ruins from the actual town of Vizinada so basically everything is on the theme for a complete setup.
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