Gaming Urban Warfare

Join the Sitrep Podcast team for another episode of the Sitrep Podcast, where we discuss what's new in the world of Historical Military Wargaming, go...View Details

Join Oriskany Jim, Piotr, and our returning founder Bill (Sitrep Six) for another episode of the Sitrep Podcast! We'll be discussing what's new in th...View Details

Join us for the newest episode of the podcast as we talk news and updates as well Adepticon wrapup. Our topic being how do you play Tabletop Games wit...View Details

Today we talk about what brought us to historical wargaming and more specifically modern wargaming. Also what is your all time favorite historical gam...View Details

We are back with the next episode and we are talking about wargaming during this trying time. What do you think and what games do you play?  Marty bri...View Details

Join Marty as he interviews Michael Rafferty the Director of Historical Gaming at Adepticon this year. Learn about all the incredible historical warga...View Details

Join us as we tell you the exciting news! We also complete our after action reports as well as talk about gaming in current events as well as what you...View Details

Join the crew and special guest Brother Chris as we talk about gaming and different rule sets you can use from Waterloo through to modern day (WWIII?)...View Details

We are back for the next exciting show! We talk about our big game today as well as our upcoming big battle game - The Battle of Midway! We talk hobby...View Details

Happy New Year! We are back from the holiday break. We bring you up to date on some of the latest news items as well as what we did during the holiday...View Details

Join Bill and Big Jim Oriskany as well wrap up the year and talk about some items that should be on everyone's Christmas list. We also look forward to...View Details

Welcome back as we bring you another awesome show! We talk about the latest in the news and what we have been up to. Bill talks Rorke's Drift, Oriskan...View Details

We are back with our next exciting adventure! We talk about many things including what is new in the news and what hobbies we have been doing.  There ...View Details

We are back after our break and we have a lot to talk about. There is gaming news and we highlight Warlord Games' Epic Battles Waterloo Battle Sets. W...View Details

Welcome back! We are back to present the next episode of the the podcast. Today we talk news, games that are growing and games that are ending. Lastly...View Details

Join us for an enlightening episode as we talk all things related to historical wargaming. We talk about our latest hobby projects as well as the most...View Details

Join the crew as we catch up on our gaming and hobby time as well as what is in the news. We chat on about solo wargaming and how we each go about it....View Details

Welcome back operators! In today's show we talk about some brief news and give our thoughts on a recent post on the Spectre Miniatures Facebook page a...View Details

Welcome back! We have an awesome show for you today! We announce Marty's promotion to New Anchor and we talk about miniature games vs board games whic...View Details

So what was supposed to be a short topic of what where they thinking becomes the entire show. Is there certain conflicts that should be taboo? Example...View Details

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