What do you do when you are isolated? Talk and play wargames of course! See what the Command Crew is up to during these challenging times. 

Marty and "G" from the SITREP PODCAST take a look as what is in the box from Spectre Miniatures in the new starter set (version 1). Let us know what y...View Details

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Better Late Than Never!

Sorry Operators for the late broadcast! Some of us are on the front lines fighting this virus and it has taken its toll! But as they say better late t...View Details

Hello Operators! It is that time to grab your cup of Lifer Juice and sit back and listen to the Command Team talk about all things military war gaming...View Details

Join the command team as they take a trip through their thoughts on big games and where the future is going for modern warfare gaming. Some big change...View Details

 G and Ralph on their own this week. We talk about our project 13 Days = 13 Hours and Spectre Miniatures new offerings. We then talk about recent chan...View Details

Welcome back Operators! We are back in full force with a huge new command team and we have recruited some incredible folks to help us bring our ambiti...View Details

Season 3 Christmas Show

We are wrapping up 2019 with our 2nd annual Christmas show! We have a new member of the command team, Gaz from merry ole England. We talk our top fiv...View Details

***FIXED THE BROADCAST***   Today we have two Americans and two Brits to talk American Thanksgiving, wargaming and Guns! We take a look into the new ...View Details

Talking Modern Warfare Rules, RPGs and what armor to bring to the table in the modern world. We take a quick peak at Contact Front modern warfare rule...View Details

Welcome to the next awesome episode! We are gathered to talk to Tim from Footsore Miniatures / Footsore North America. We talk a lot about moderns and...View Details



Jim and G are back for the next installment of the SITREP Podcast. Today we are talking about our re-play of the 75th anniversary o...View Details

Jim and "G" talk about what makes the perfect game in their own minds. 

It's time for one last tour "in country" as Jim wraps up his Ops Center: Vietnam series. This time we're looking at the how Vietnam effected other Col...View Details

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***Recorded Live*** Hello Operators! We are back for the next great installment of the SITREP Podcast and this time we are coming to you live! We have...View Details

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Ops Center Episode 11


"Oriskany" Jim is back with a third tour through Vietnam. This time we're looking at the tactics, doctrine, and conditions of the Vietnam War, with...View Details

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Talking Vietnam and Korea

We are back and this time we are having a rounded discussion about Vietnam and Korea. How to game in those conflicts and all other hobby related items...View Details

Big Jim "Oriskany" takes you back to Vietnam to see how the warzone was divided up by the armies for combat. 

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We were live! This is the recorded broadcast. We are diving into so much stuff today and at one point "G" goes on the Drill Sergeant rant! Careful mig...View Details

Jim "Oriskany" takes us to the Jungles, Highlands and Deltas of Vietnam to walk us through the conflict and how to bring it to the tabletop.   

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