Welcome to the next awesome episode! We are gathered to talk to Tim from Footsore Miniatures / Footsore North America. We talk a lot about moderns and...View Details



Jim and G are back for the next installment of the SITREP Podcast. Today we are talking about our re-play of the 75th anniversary...View Details

Jim and "G" talk about what makes the perfect game in their own minds. 

It's time for one last tour "in country" as Jim wraps up his Ops Center: Vietnam series. This time we're looking at the how Vietnam effected other Col...View Details

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***Recorded Live*** Hello Operators! We are back for the next great installment of the SITREP Podcast and this time we are coming to you live! We have...View Details

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Ops Center Episode 11


"Oriskany" Jim is back with a third tour through Vietnam. This time we're looking at the tactics, doctrine, and conditions of the Vietnam War, wit...View Details

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Talking Vietnam and Korea

We are back and this time we are having a rounded discussion about Vietnam and Korea. How to game in those conflicts and all other hobby related items...View Details

Big Jim "Oriskany" takes you back to Vietnam to see how the warzone was divided up by the armies for combat. 

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We were live! This is the recorded broadcast. We are diving into so much stuff today and at one point "G" goes on the Drill Sergeant rant! Careful mig...View Details

Jim "Oriskany" takes us to the Jungles, Highlands and Deltas of Vietnam to walk us through the conflict and how to bring it to the tabletop.   

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Welcome back Operators! We are back from summer break and have a lot to talk about! Jim takes us through Historicon. Chris talks what he is up to and ...View Details

Jim takes us on one final journey to the Falkland Islands to talk about the ground war and wrap up this series of the OPS Center. We hope you have enj...View Details

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Season 2 The Finale

his is our last episode of Season 2 before our summer break. We will return in July with Season 3. We talk hobby, OPS Center and game recommendations...View Details

Jim dives deep into the naval battles surround the Falklands War. If you are looking for inspiration for a great gaming experience, then come along an...View Details

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Hello Warriors! Today we are throwing a wide net and talking about a wide range of gaming activities, from the hobby side to traditional hex and count...View Details

Strap in and get ready to take to the skies over the Falklands to see how the battles rage in the air. Jim takes you on a journey above the islands to...View Details

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We are back after the Easter holiday break and we are excited to talk about Bolt Action Korea and beyond. We are looking at how we see the future of B...View Details

Welcome back warriors! We are back for our regularly scheduled episode. We are talking post Adepticon and Salute. What did we see at these shows? A lo...View Details

Jim wraps up his first incredible OPS Center series on the Arab-Israeli Wars with some great material especially for the skirmish player. Get ready an...View Details

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Jim is back with the 3rd installment of his Arab-Israeli Wars. This time he talks about the granddaddy of them all. The Yom Kippur War of 1973. This t...View Details

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