D-Day Special

Talking about remembering the impact of D-Day not only on WWII but on history. How could you game the battles today? Was there events that should not ...View Details

With parts of the world beginning to come out the other side of Covid and vaccinations continuing has your attitude changed towards gaming post Covid ...View Details

Join Marty, Chris and Bill live from the Little Wars Convention! This is the first in person convention we have been able to attend since 2019! Bear w...View Details

The crew is light today and Bill and Marty take on the news while Gaz plays Army. Marty gives us the news and we talk about our choices in paints and ...View Details

Welcome back players! It is Easter weekend and the team has the holiday off, except for SITREP 6 (Bill). I wanted you all to have a nice show and I ra...View Details

We found the lost episode!!! We promise you will love this one!!! We have lost our minds!    Big Jim Oriskany is on leave, so the rest of the team get...View Details

Hello Players! We have a big show for you today! We have two guests inhouse to talk about their Kickstarter. We bring you the latest news and in turn ...View Details

Welcome back PLAYERS! In this episode we are talking with J. from Feral Games Inc. about his next Kickstarter: Ghost Ops Second Strike. We then hear G...View Details

In todays show we look at over and underrated games, what is your choice? We talk about proxies and their place in gaming along with what is the best ...View Details

Welcome back operators! We are diving into a great show with all kinds of talk and laughs about military wargaming. This week we talk about whats new ...View Details

Join the Command Team as we welcome the new year with exciting topics and news about the war gaming world! We talk about skirmish versus large scale b...View Details

Hello operators! We are back with the crew to catch up on what's hot and what's not in the gaming world. We are frank about we like and what we don't....View Details

This one Bill (SITREP 6) runs solo to have a frank discussion about the state of the podcast. The past, present and future of the podcast and where we...View Details

We get together to talk about past military adventures and such. We talk about Battlegroup NORTHAG and many other gaming topics.    Empress Miniatures...View Details

We take your feedback and talk about the future programming of the channel and how 2020 has sucked the life out of gaming. We look at ideas on how to ...View Details

We just took this one out of the oven and boy is it hot! We talk all about the news, updates for the channel and the big announcement this week from o...View Details

We are back talking about finishing up 13 Days to 13 Hours and if we had to make tough choices what would we decide, could you?  We also announce our ...View Details

We are back! We catch up with the team and talk everything in the works! Get the updates on 13Days=13Hours, We trash talk each other all in good fun. ...View Details

We were in the middle of a terrific episode talking about 13 Days = 13 Hours and were heading into this weeks topic of "Is Historical Wargaming Dying?...View Details

Chris one of the founding members of the podcast is back! We catch up with him on what he has been up to. We also talk with the rest of the command te...View Details

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