Season 2 The Finale

his is our last episode of Season 2 before our summer break. We will return in July with Season 3. We talk hobby, OPS Center and game recommendations...View Details

Hello Warriors! Today we are throwing a wide net and talking about a wide range of gaming activities, from the hobby side to traditional hex and count...View Details

We are back after the Easter holiday break and we are excited to talk about Bolt Action Korea and beyond. We are looking at how we see the future of B...View Details

Welcome back warriors! We are back for our regularly scheduled episode. We are talking post Adepticon and Salute. What did we see at these shows? A lo...View Details

In this episode we talk about a very serious subject about whether some miniatures or games should be made. We also talk about Spectre Miniatures 2nd ...View Details

Welcome back warriors! We have a jam packed show for you today! We are catching up on what kind of hobby we have been up to. There is a lot of work be...View Details

We are back and in full force! Everyone is at the command table and we have a special guest! Dawn from On Table Top / Beasts of War joins us as we try...View Details

Jim and G are doing a two person recon team this episode and are talking about upcoming projects from Jim. G talks about Danger Close and how we will ...View Details

Season 2 Episode 1

Welcome to 2019! We are getting geared up for a big year with new shows and projects to make modern military wargaming coverage that much more fun! We...View Details

We have decided to upload the early shows. We hope you enjoy them!

Christmas Episode

Welcome to you all as we sit down and wrap up 2018. We talk about what we have been doing and what we would like to see in 2019. We chat about gaming ...View Details

Welcome back troops! We have missed you during our holiday break. We are back in full force as the four of us sit around the sand table and discuss al...View Details

Join us for this special episode as we remember Veteran's - Armistice - Remembrance Day. Join G, Chris, Ralph and Jim around the sand table along with...View Details

Welcome to Episode 10! We are have so much to cover in this hour! We are talking Kickstarters, new miniatures, terrain and more terrain! We announce o...View Details

Tongiht G, Chris and James talk with Colin from Radion Dishdash about all of their amazing games to include Skirmish Sangin and the upcoming games Ski...View Details

In this episode Chris and G start off with a catch up over the past week. Chris has been producing like a madman. We talk about the results of our pol...View Details

Chris is back! We sit down at the mics and talk about all things modern warfare and gaming in their awesomeness! Chris talks about his 3D printing pro...View Details

Episode 6

Welcome to Episode 6! Chris has his own battle on right now so, our graphics artist Ralph steps in and picks up the mic to bring you a jam packed show...View Details

Episode 5

In this weeks episode we catch up with all we have been doing over the past week. Then we look at Skirmish Sangin as well as talk about using photogra...View Details

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