Join us for an enlightening episode as we talk all things related to historical wargaming. We talk about our latest hobby projects as well as the most recent news (Links Below). Then we talk about using SITREP Skirmish Rules to play battles with 3 3/4 GI Joes. Lastly, we talk about creating the ideal 2 player starter set. We want to hear your ideas about what is your perfect set and your ideas for the topic for our next show, you could win a SITREP Podcast T-Shirt!


News Links:

Its been a long time, months in fact, since we teased some of the new Wild West range, so I think its about time we got that show back on the road!

Autumn Wars has had to be canceled.

We have lost our venue due to the increase of the Delta variant.  Trinity University has recently undergone a high spike in positive cases.  Their main goal during these times is to keep their students safe.  (and rightly so) We were among a number of events that had to canceled.  We did have short time to seek out an alternate location, but logistically, none were viable.  The BOD apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused.  Badge refunds will be available via Table Top Events,


HISTORICON 2021  NOV 10-14, 2021 Valley Forge Casino King of Prussia, PA

9-15-2021 - The event and tournament PELs are now available. War College, etc. will be up soon.

Registration is not yet open but probably soon. This year’s theme is Aircraft of War: Balloons, Bombers, Helicopters and more.

Victrix Games has added a new plastic kit into the mix for those of you wanting to build on your 12mm World War II force on the tabletop. M3 Half-Tracks for the Allies are heading out onto the battlefields of Normandy and beyond


GENCON in progress in Indy  Can’t make it?  There’s plenty to check out on GENCON Online for a full schedule of streaming events.


Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy: Two Thin Coats Kickstarter Paints

54 colors, 6 washes- pledges from $4 for one bottle to all in for $192 for 60 bottles


Sarissa Precision Terrain OPERATION MARKET GARDEN

Operation Market Garden 17 September 1944 - Objectives, seize a series of nine bridges with airborne forces, land forces swiftly following over the bridges. Liberate the cities of Eindhoven and Nijmegen, create a 60 mi (97 km) salient into enemy-held territory, limiting V-2 rocket launching sites...

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